Simple Creality LD-002R Review – Worth Buying or Not?

If you’ve been FDM printing for a while, you’re probably thinking that your prints might look even better if they were resin printed.  

Don’t get us wrong, if you do your FDM printing right you can get some top-notch prints. But they’re not a patch on what you can achieve with a resin printer.

Or even if you haven’t done any FDM printing, maybe you’re thinking you want to give resin printer a shot. 

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’re going to be reviewing one of the most affordable resin printing machines around at the moment. And it’s packed with cool features.  

We’re going to be coming onto those next, before laying out its advantages and disadvantages. We’ll also be covering all the specs, and spelling out what exactly you get in the box altogether.

We’ll also present you with what other people have said about the Creality LD-002R, before wrapping up with a conclusion.  

Here’s the link, in case you want to take a peek before we review: Creality LD002R LCD Resin 3D Printer

So, without further ado, let’s get straight down to it! 


What are the Features?

Quick Levelling System 

Gotta love a quick leveling system! This one is so quick that you can start printing within a mere 5 minutes once the machine is assembled. How cool is that!  

All you have to do is adjust the 4 hex screws to level your build platform, loosen them a little, and drop in the plate. Then it should be already aligned to the level of the screen.  

Air Filtration System  

A common complaint with resin printers (and with some FDM printers) is the odor emitted from the machine. But the Creality LD-002R solves this problem with its excellent air filtration system.  

There’s a small box at the back of the print chamber containing a pouch of activated carbon. This acts as a filter, removing unwanted odors from the exposed resin.  

But that’s not all. There’s not one but two fans in place to activate the carbon filtering system. It’s kind of what you might find in an air purifier. And it works really well too.  

Fast ChiTuBox Slicing Software 

You can use the latest version of the ChiTuBox slicing software in the LD-002R. For those of you who aren’t already familiar with ChiTuBox, it’s regarded as one of the best apps for printing in terms of both user experience and slicing speed. 

While some open-source software would take up to 10 minutes to slice a 30MB .stl file, ChiTuBox can do the whole thing in just one minute! 

3.5-inch 2K LCD Full-Color Touchscreen

The integrated touchscreen is very impressive. It’s made from special high-strength tempered glass and has an amazing display resolution of a whopping 2560 x 1440. It’s basically a 2K screen. And it’s in full color of course.

It’s super user-friendly, with a nice interface for choosing your prints and viewing your print progress.  

30W UV Light 

It works by way of a powerful 30W light, and it’s pointed at the print for 4 seconds for each layer. This is what gives you such fantastic precision in your prints.  

Anti-Aliasing Feature

This is an excellent feature. It basically smoothens out your print designs from their original pixelated form.

This is great news for the edges of your print, as the anti-aliasing interpolates between these ages for amazingly smooth results.  

Stable Ball Linear Rails 

Movement is particularly important in a resin printer.

And with the addition of ball linear rails, the movement remains steady and sturdy, effectively eliminating negative print quality because movement along the z-axis is that much steadier. 

This helps to produce really smooth surfaces and to give a more delicate texture to the print. 

Offline Printing

With the Creality LD-002R, you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to print, so long as you can connect to your designs, whether it’s via a USB stick, or from your PC’s hard drive. 

This has now become a standard feature in most 3D printers, but we thought it was well worth mentioning here all the same. 

Convenient Resin Vat Cleaning

As with most appliances you may own, the Creality LD-002R does require some general maintenance from time to time. But it’s made easy for you here...

You can get a special FEP release film that’s tightened from both sides, to prolong service life. And better yet, you can quickly remove excess residue from the resin fat by simply removing the release film. 

All-Metal Body

Strength and sturdiness is an important feature in any 3D printer, which is why Creality has made this printer with an all-metal body. 

But better yet, this all-metal body has been made by way of CNC cutting techniques. And this serves to provide even more strength to the machine.

Such a strong structure, in fact, that it works to reduce vibration, and hence to produce smoother prints. 

Lifetime Technical Assistance & Top-Notch Customer Service 

Creality’s after-sales service is second to none. Not only does your machine come with a one-year warranty, but you also get lifetime tech support.

The service is very easy to access, and responses are both timely and professional. Plus, to them, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. 


  • Quick Levelling System  
  • Excellent Air Filtration System  
  • Fast Open-source Slicing Software from ChiTuBox 
  • Large High-Resolution Full-Color Touchscreen  
  • Powerful 30W UV Light  
  • Anti-Aliasing Feature for smoother edges 
  • Stable Ball Linear Rails for Steady Movement  
  • Offline Printing Available Anytime 
  • Convenient Resin Cleaning from the vat 
  • All-Metal Body with CNC Cutting 
  • Lifetime Technical Support & Assistance 
  • Excellent price tag & value for money 
  • Great Entry-level 3D Printer, Suitable for Beginners 


  • Some customers haven’t found the instruction manual particularly helpful, which is why when it comes to assembling your printer and using it, we recommend that you watch a YouTube video or two to show you exactly what you need to do 
  • There’s also very little instruction on how to clean the machine, so you might want to check out YouTube again for that too 
  • Occasionally customers have reported that the control screen is sometimes unresponsive. However, this can be rectified by simply turning the machine off and back on again. 
  • This isn’t a negative about the LD-002R, but resin printing can be quite messy, which is why we recommend that when you buy your LD-002R, you also buy yourself the Anycubic Wash & Cure. 

Specifications of the Creality LD-002R 

  • Printing Technology: LCD Display Photocuring 
  • Slicer Software: ChiTu DLP Slicer 
  • File Format: STL/CTB 
  • Connectivity: USB 
  • Maximum Print Volume: 119 x 65 x 160mm 
  • Product Dimensions: 221 x 221 x 403mm 
  • Nominal Voltage 100 - 240V 
  • Output Voltage: 12V 
  • Nominal Power: 72W 
  • Print Speed: 4s/layer 
  • Layer Height: 0.02 – 0.05mm 
  • XY Axis Precision: 0.075mm 
  • Machine Weight: 7KG 

What else is in the box? 

When the box arrives, you will receive a few accessories in addition to the machine to help you get started with your 3D printing. These are as follows: 

  • Filters 
  • A facemask 
  • Extra FEP film 
  • A Plastic scraper, 
  • And a metal scraper 

So, if you order your resin at the same time as your printer, then you should have everything you need to start 3D printing when your box arrives.

What do customers say about the Creality LD-002R?


The Creality LD-002 has earned a reputation as the Ender 3 of resin 3D printers. And this is praise indeed.

It means that not only is the printer very affordable, but it’s also very reliable and produces some top-quality prints. 

Customer feedback on retailer’s websites has been very positive. On Amazon for example, after approximately 500 individual customer ratings, the average customer rating comes out at an impressive 4 and a half stars out of 5, with more than three-quarters of customers rating it at 5 stars. 

Simple Creality LD-002R Review – Worth Buying or Not?

It has been rated highly by Amazon customers for a number of its features, such as the tech support, suitability for beginners, and print quality.

One of the trickier things with 3D printers is the calibrating, an important part of 3D printing to get right. But the good news is that customers report back that calibrating the LD-002R is a breeze.

There’s also praise for lowering the layer heights to get even better print quality.

The tech support has also gone down well with customers. You may not always receive an instantaneous response due to the support team being in a different time zone, but the responses are very detailed and thorough. 


As we referred to in the disadvantages, there have been customers who’ve struggled with the instructions. But we can assure you that watching a couple of YouTube videos is a good workaround, and these will explain everything you need to know.  

And although the LD-002R has an excellent air filtration system, with some resins there’s just no getting away from the odors given off. 

Some people moaned that they couldn’t get started with their resin printing right away because there’s no resin included in the box, and you have to buy it separately.  


All in all, despite its bargain price, the Creality LD-002R is a great quality resin printer.

Disadvantages are very few and far between, and it has some really great features, such as the excellent air filtration system, and how easy the machine is to calibrate and clean.  

In our view, the LD-002R is an excellent entry-level machine for machine resin printing. 

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