Simple Creality CR-10 Mini Review; Worth Buying Or Not?

For many, 3D printing is an enjoyable craft that allows them to explore their creativity to bring their ideas to life in the form of 3D objects and figurines.

It is also commonly used for professional business purposes. An inefficient 3D printer can provide you with many issues regarding the quality of the print and you will also find some with limited material compatibility and design inaccuracies.

These are not issues that you want to be confronted with when attempting to use your printer. The Simple Creality CR-10 Mini is raved about by many.

By focusing on functionality, design, and user-friendly features, the brand created a printer that is commonly sought after by 3D printing enthusiasts, with characteristics that are now mirrored in many competitor offerings. 

Below we have compiled a review to address whether this printer is a worthy purchase.

We have identified the product's specifications, along with an array of features, the elements we like, and those that could be improved.

Continue reading if you are undecided as to whether this printer is the best option for you. 


  • Machine Weight: 7.5 Kg
  • Print Size: 300 x 220 x 300mm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
  • Nozzle Temperature: ≤ 250°C
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Printing Speed: Normal 60mm/s Max speed: 100 mm/s 
  • Control System: Win, XP, Mac, Vista, Linux
  • Software: Simflify 3D, Repetier Host, Cura
  • Power Requirements: 110v - 220v input, 12V output
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Compatible Materials: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polylactic Acid, Wood, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Carbon Fiber, Copper

Simple Creality CR-10 Mini Buying Guide

The Design

The Creality CR-10 is an all-metal, aluminum-framed open-source printer with a glass bed.

It is sleekly designed and easy to use. The control box is positioned to the side of the printer and there is also a mounted filament holder. 

Although it boasts a slim design, it will need to be positioned in a spacious area due to the height of the printer and the positioning requirements of the control box.

If this control box is positioned too close to the printer frame, it is going to struggle to feed the filament into the extruder smoothly.

While it is beneficial to have some sort of skill and knowledge when using any type of 3D printer, the simple and neat design allows for easy use. 


Along with the printer itself you are provided with all of the tools that you require for a smooth setup experience. It comes packaged in three separate parts so there aren't many complex elements to get confused by. For those who have prior experience of assembling a 3D printer, the process can take as little as 5 minutes, however, those that do not will likely benefit from additional guidance. 

Resume Print Function

The upgraded control board features a resume print function that resumes the printing process after the filament has been changed or you have been confronted with a power outage or any other kind of issue that has affected the functionality of the printer.

Because of this, your prints aren't going to be affected by such disruptions and you can continue from where you left off. 

The Filament

The robust setup of this printer makes it easy to feed the filament although this is done next to the lead screw, however, it is unlikely that users will find this problematic.

A great thing about this printer is that it is compatible with an expansive selection of PLAs and popular filaments.

Because of this, you can source the best option for the project that you are creating without having to worry about its suitability with the printer. From TPU to copper and wood, there is a selection to choose from. 

Software Compatibility

This printer is compatible with a few different types of software. This is great in allowing users to select the option that they find easiest to use.

It also means that users aren't restricted to using one that they are unhappy with as they are provided with the flexibility to experiment with different ones.

The software will also enable users to preview their print before it is produced by the machine. 

The Durability of the all-aluminum frame 

Providing you with a solid foundation to bring your ideas to life, the Creality CR-10 mini boasts an all-aluminum frame that is likely to see you through many uses, without compromising on stability and performance.

There isn't any contact between metal on metal roads as the design eliminates these elements so the machine isn't going to produce a lot of noise.

Removable Glass Bed

This 3D printer is designed with a removable glass bed that makes it easier to remove the print without damaging it in the process.

You are also provided with Kapton tape which can be used by those who don't want to print directly on the printer's bed.

This bed is also heated and allows the user to experiment with more materials but also improves the print quality by preventing the material from warping. 

LCD Screen 

On the control box, there is a small LCD screen and control wheel that allows for easy use by allowing users to navigate their way through the settings with ease.

It also allows users to check the status of their print during the process. 


  • The Print Size - Although this may be a mini 3D printer it actually has a large print size. The 300 x 220 x 300mm print volume provides greater flexibility to experiment with the type of projects that can be created. While it may not be as large as the print volume of a bigger model, for many, this generous print size is likely to be ample for their needs depending on the projects that they are going to be creating. 
  • Easy Installation - as this printer comes in three individual pre-assembled parts it is easy to install making it an ideal option for beginners in particular. For DIY enthusiasts and those who have experience using such a machine, this task can be completed within a matter of minutes. 
  • Affordability - Retailing below $300 on Amazon, this is a great value machine considering the features that it offers and the accuracy of the objects and figurines that it creates. 
  • Printing Accuracy - When compared to the Creality CR-10, the mini version features improved components that result in improved printing quality. The positioning of the Y-axis double screw design enhances the stability of the printer while benefiting the overall accuracy of the prints. The large leveling nuts will adjust the positioning of the hotbed with ease and because of this, the nozzle is going to be situated at an equal position from the bed at all angles to achieve even and consistent prints. 
  • The Accessories - A great thing about this printer is that you are provided with a multitude of accessories so you have everything that you require on hand. This saves you from having to make individual purchases for each of these tools separately. For beginners in particular who do not yet have any other supplies, this is likely to prove very helpful. These accessories include a packet of the necessary tools, a TF card that contains the manual and software, and the spool filament. 
  • SD Card And USB Connectivity - This allows you to monitor and manage your prints from multiple locations using the most appropriate resource. 
  • Versatility - You can alternate between 110 volts to 220 volts of power depending on the available power supply. Because of this, the printer is going to be functional regardless of where you are located. It is also useful for those who will be using the printer in different locations for professional purposes as you will not be confronted with challenges regarding the suitability of the power supply.
  • Creality Customer Service - When investing in a product of any sort of expense, the provision of customer service support is preferable. This ensures that there is help available should you experience any issues with the quality and functionality of the 3D printer. The brand behind this printer offers a one year limited replacement part warranty so they are responsible for offering a refund or a replacement should you experience any issues with the printer or components. They also offer lifetime technical assistance so you can contact a member of their customer service team if you need any help to rectify issues that you have experienced when using the printer. 


  • The Quality of the glass bed - Unfortunately some customers have reported that the glass bed is prone to warping. While this isn't an issue that is likely to be experienced by all users, it is something to be cautious of as this may hinder the overall quality of the prints as they aren't going to lay flat and will begin to bend if they warp. For this reason, the quality of this component could be improved to ensure that this isn't an issue for any user. 
  • The Noise of the fan - The fan can be rather noisy when it is operating and some may find this distracting. Some users may choose to use this printer in a separate room to overcome this issue so that it doesn't cause disruptions to those who are sharing the environment. There are also upgrades available that can be selected to reduce the noise output so it isn't as prominent. 
  • Unclear Instructions - The instructions provided with this printer aren't the clearest and those who are attempting to set up a 3D printer for the first time may find this rather problematic. Those who have experience in assembling a 3D printer aren't as likely to find this an issue. Using other resources such as online guides and youtube videos can be a helpful solution. This printer is considered to be easy to assemble so this is unlikely to be a significant issue. 
  • Lengthy Heat Up Time - Some customers have reported that this printer can take a while to heat up and for some, this may be rather inconvenient. If you don't require imminent use after turning on the printer, you may not consider this to be a problem, however, some users may find the delay between turning the printer on and being able to use it a little off-putting. 

What is the difference between the CR-10 and the CR-10 Mini?

The most prominent difference between both printers is the size, as suggested the latter version is a ''mini'' variation of the standard model.

As such it has a smaller print volume. Despite this, it remains to be a strong contender for those looking for a more compact option.

The aforementioned is the most practical choice for those that are looking for a substantially built model. While there are differences in size, both models share a similar design and design settings.

Final Thoughts

The Creality CR-10 Mini creates high-quality precise prints while remaining easy to use. It is a feasible and reliable choice for advanced users and beginners alike.

The brand has ensured that there is plenty of support available should you experience any issues when using the printer.

Although the instructions provided aren't the clearest, on the whole, this printer is praised for being easy to assemble.

The problems that we have identified aren't going to be highly detrimental to how the printer operates.

If you are seeking affordability without compromising on performance, look no further than the Creality CR-10 Mini as it could be the perfect choice for you.

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