OVERTURE PLA Filament Review

Polylactic Acid or PLA is the most commonly used filament type in the world of 3D printing. It is praised for its ease of use and strength.

However, there are many different 3D filament brands out there that make and manufacture the PLA variety.

This can make it difficult to know which one is truly the best and most suitable for you and your 3D printing project.

One company that keeps cropping up, again and again, is Overture. In this article, we’ll provide a quick rundown of Overture’s PLA filament and let you know if it’s really worth it.


  1. Recommended Nozzle Temperature – 190°C – 220°C (374℉- 428℉)
  2. Heated Bed Temp: 25°C – 60°C (77℉ 140℉)
  3. Filament Diameter and Tolerance: 1.75 mm +/- 0.05mm
  4. Filament Net Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Features and Benefits of Overture PLA Filament

Firstly, this filament from Overture is constructed from high-quality PLA material, which has a low melting temperature. Because of this feature, it doesn’t require a heated bed, making it eco-friendly, safe, and odor-free. It’s completely biodegradable, too!

As this Overture filament doesn’t have lots of confusing settings, it’s super easy to use and print.

The PLA filament is also said to be completely bubble-free, clog-free, and tangle-free. These features provide a stable, smooth, and professional printing experience that can be hard to find anywhere else on the 3D printing market.

Overture also prides themselves in their premium customer service skills. Not only does each of their products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with good support systems to clear up any potential issues you may have, but they even make sure to fully dry each spool of filament before they package it and send it to you.

This is probably why Overture has a spot in Amazon’s Best Seller Rank for ‘3D Printing Filament.’ Its manual examination and full mechanical winding are included to ensure that the line remains tidy and less tangible throughout the entire 3D printing process.

Despite being one of the most popular 3D printing filaments on the market right now, this Overture PLA filament is actually one of the cheapest.

The affordability of this product, combined with the added freebies they throw in such as a high-quality 200 x 200mm build surface (with grid layout), makes it a very strong choice. Fortunately, the Overture PLA filament is compatible with almost all 3D printers, so you shouldn’t run into any trouble.

The Overture PLA filament also comes with certain design features that help to make your entire 3D printing experience a little easier. For example, on the side of the packaging of each filament, you’ll find a height and weight guide.

This allows you to see how much you have left, diminishing the nuisance of running out mid-print.

So, what do customers have to say about it?

While it’s important to consider the specifications and features of the Overture PLA filament, it can be helpful to take a look at what other people who have already purchased the product have to say.

Fortunately, this product has over 2000 customer reviews for you to sift through, full of happy customers singing their praises about the quality of the PLA filament they received.


  • It’s far cheaper than similar options on the market, yet it performs just as well on all fronts.
  • Many reviewers mentioned that this Overture PLA filament proved to be extremely durable, which is a high priority for those who print larger scale pieces.
  • Reviewers love that the diameter on this filament does not fluctuate, which prevents any dilemmas involving an uneven print surface.
  • It’s similar to the Amazon Basics filament, but many customers claim that this Overture PLA is actually better.
  • Many customers mention how easy the set-up process is, and that it works excellently right off the bat and doesn’t require any major tuning or adjusting to get great prints.
  • Clogs and jams are not something you’ll have to worry about with this filament, as the quality is consistent, with some customers claiming that it is the best they have ever worked with.

" ... My prints have greatly improved switching to Overture. I use to have problems trying to dial in my printer until I loaded my Overture PLA filament in. It only took a few adjustments and now my 3d prints are next to perfect. Plus the mat they gave me with my orders and the ruler is awesome. What a brilliant idea to include those with the order. I am only ordering from Overture from now on ... "

- Rated 5 stars by Amazon Customer on 2019-09-06 (source: Amazon - Read Full Review)


  • Some customers mentioned that this filament seems to print best at around 195. While 200 is ok, some narrow sections may shine. However, this filament can be unpredictable over 205, resulting in some smearing.
  • It’s evident that certain colors will come out nicer than others. For example, white was reported as the most difficult, whereas blue supposedly comes out quite nicely. 

Final Verdict

It’s easy to see why this Overture PLA filament has 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon- you get a free build surface, the quality is great, and they have a fantastic customer service reputation.

The price point and the ease of use is this filament’s main selling point, and we recommend purchasing the Overture PLA filament to try it out for yourself. Happy printing!

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