Best Tables/Desks & Workbenches for 3D Printing

When it comes to 3D printing, a solid foundation is essential to create the best quality and consistent printing results.

Where you keep your 3D printer is fundamental to its maintenance. If you don’t invest in an excellent workspace to set your 3D printer up, you could impact your print quality severely and end up with inconsistent results that ruin your work.

Any vibration or sudden movement could ruin your 3D model! So, you’ll need a stable, flat surface for your printer to work on efficiently.

Keep reading to find the best tables/desks & workbenches for 3D printing. 

Best Tables/Desks For 3D Printing


The SHW Home Office 48-Inch Computer Desk will help you transform your office into a productive, adaptable workspace so you can make the most out of your 3D printer!

Low maintenance! This desk is made out of engineered wood built for durability and is resistant to moisture, making it easy to clean.

The beautiful work surface has a sleek, black finish with steel frames in a black finish to make any workspace feel smart.


  • Easy to assemble - Includes step-by-step instructions and hardware are included, so you can have your desk set up quickly and without hassle! 
  • Pre-drilled metal chambers - Built for your convenience, so you don’t have to worry about the screw going too far and damaging the wood. 
  • Easy to clean - Good quality engineered wood is moisture resistant, making this desk easy and hassle-free to clean!  


  • A few customers claimed that the packaging of this desk could be improved. 


The JOISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk is constructed of premium steel and chipboard, making it a stable, sturdy, and durable option for 3D printing!

This desk adopts an industrial style design while ensuring practicality, so your desk not only contributes to the décor of your office but is also a productive workspace.

The table has undergone load-bearing tests before leaving the factory, to ensure that it can easily hold your most valuable possessions without you having to worry about it collapsing.  


  • Extra storage - Two shelves provide more storage room for supplies, improving efficiency and providing you with the space to keep all of your tools in one place! 
  • Quick and easy to set up - This desk comes with a manual and video to complete the installation for your convenience. 
  • Multiple sizes - 4 size choices ensure you get the most out of your 3D printing workspace. 


  • A couple of customers noted that they struggled to follow the instructions for the assembly of this particular desk.


The CubiCubi Computer Desk is designed to deliver a sleek and modern feel to any workspace!

The powder-coated steel frame and triangular junction design ensure stability and durability.

Heavy duty! The 1.6" by 1.6 " width leg is strong enough to support your heavy 3D printer to ensure smooth printing and results every time!


  • Quick and easy to assemble - Install the 4 legs and 2 leg bars with the hex key in 10-15 minutes for your convenience! 
  • Multiple sizes and colors - This desk comes in 3 sizes of 47", 55”, and 63", and 4 colors of rustic brown, espresso with black, walnut, black with white, enabling you to choose the size and color that best suits your preferences. 
  • Durable and stable – The thick metal frame and four triangle struts secure the stability, so you can 3D print without the fear of your model breaking due to vibrations! 


  • One customer claimed that one part of this desk was welded incorrectly.


The Flexispot Adjustable Desk makes it easier to quickly, smoothly, and comfortably go from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds!

The environmentally-sourced 48” x 24” desk provides ample space for a variety of electrical appliances, meaning there is plenty of space for a 3D printer as well as your computer for the perfect setup!  

An industrial-grade steel frame combined with a solid desktop allows for a 154 lbs weight capacity to support your ideal workspace setup.


  • Electrically adjustable - Provides you with versatility throughout the working day depending on how you want to be working. 
  • Easy assembly - Set up your new desk in less than 60 minutes thanks to this desk’s unique structural design! 
  • Safe and reliable - Flexispot conducts extensive durability tests on every model to ensure their standing desks operate efficiently, quietly, and above all, safely. 


  • A couple of customers claimed that the instructions to build this particular desk could be improved.

Best Workbenches For 3D Printing


The Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench is crafted with Ultraguard fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel drawers and a heavy-duty steel frame.

The work surface is made from heavy-duty beech wood and measures 1.5-inches thick for maximum durability.

The powder-coated finish defends your bench from corrosion to help your workbench stand the test of time! 


  • Heavy-duty steel frame with leveling feet - Provides the stability you need for the most consistent results when 3D printing. 
  • Large storage capacity - This workbench comes complete with 2 cushioned lined storage drawers, as well as a cantilever shelf at the top of the pegboard, which is perfect for storing miscellaneous work supplies! 
  • Fluorescent light with power strip - Provides you with light whilst you work and 3D print! 


  • One customer noted that this particular workbench was more difficult to assemble than they were anticipating.


The 2x4basics 90164 Custom Work Bench and Shelving Storage System includes 4 workbench legs and 6 shelf links for you to create the perfect custom workspace for your 3D printer. 

Versatile! Only 90° cuts are required, and projects can be built to any length up to eight feet to build the best workspace for you!  

Simply assemble with only a powered screwdriver and a saw, no miter or angle cuts necessary!


  • Customizable workbench and shelving - This do-it-yourself system allows you to assemble a custom workbench that’s perfect for you in less than an hour. 
  • Durable construction - Sturdy 2x4 framing and advanced engineering make this kit stronger and more stable than most other workbench solutions with each shelf capable of holding up to 1,000 pounds (400 kilograms). 
  • Lifetime warranty - So you can rest assured knowing that you are covered and can put your trust into this workbench. 


  • One customer claimed that you couldn’t easily adjust the height of this particular workbench.  


The Goplus Adjustable Workbench features 4 steel legs and a 1.2" durable rubberwood countertop that is built to stand the test of time.

Versatile! The simple and sturdy design make this workbench suitable for both commercial and professional purpose.

This workbench boasts 3-level adjustable heights from 35" to 38", meaning that you can alter it to the perfect height as you work and 3D print.


  • Dirt-resistant surface - Simplifies cleaning and maintenance steps, helping you save a lot of time and energy when it comes to keeping the workbench in a good condition. 
  • Easy to install - Includes instructions and hardware to make the installation process as convenient as possible for you. 
  • 3-level adjustable heights - Designed for your convenience so that you can alter your work position as and when you need to with ease. 


  • One customer noted that this particular workbench was missing some of the hardware that it was due to arrive with.


The BenchPro Table & Workbench is made of steel and is built with a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 lb to ensure its strength.

Durable! This workbench boasts a powder-coat paint finish that is corrosion resistant and built to withstand the test of time!

This workbench is the perfect work surface for any application, so it is sure to meet all of your 3D printing needs!


  • 10-year unconditional warranty - So you don’t have to be anxious about having to replace this workbench should anything go wrong. 
  • Steel reinforced top - Minimizes the risk of your workbench becoming dented over time.  
  • Corrosion-resistant - Ensures that this workbench is durable for all of your 3D printing needs! 


  • One customer noted that this workbench was heavier than they were anticipating, making it difficult to transport by hand.

Best Tables/Desks & Workbenches for 3D Printing Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a table and workbench for 3D printing, but it mainly comes down to its stability, surface, and durability.  

For a 3D printer to work properly and last for as long as possible, it should not only be given optimum space but should also be used on a stable surface.

If you have a 3D printer, then it’s necessary to invest in a stable workspace to ensure that it is able to give you the best results possible. 

Best Tables-Desks & Workbenches for 3D Printing

The quality of your 3D printer is only as good as the stability of your workspace.

As a result, you shouldn’t be persuaded into buying a cheaper quality desk or workbench, as you could end up with a wobbly, unstable product that in turn will hinder your 3D printer’s potential.  

Check out the factors below before making your choice.


Arguably the most important factor that you’ll need to consider when purchasing a desk or workbench for your 3D printer is its stability. The stability of your surface is essential as it will determine your print quality.

It won’t matter if you have the best 3D printer in the world, if the workspace that you’re printing on is wobbly, then your work will be, too.  

3D printers are prone to sudden movements and vibrations, so you need a stable foundation in order to get the highest quality prints out of your 3D printer. Using a weak or shaky table can lead to poor print outputs.

A little unevenness and your whole 3D model can end up falling apart, and all of your 3D printer’s hard work will be for nothing!

As a result, the desk or workbench should provide a flat and even surface for the printer to work its magic on.

That being said, you want to take every precaution to ensure that the 3D printer doesn’t shake as a result of any external vibrations or knocks to your workspace, so make sure that it is secure before you begin.  

If the printer is placed on an unstable surface, it can start moving while printing your work, thus leading to poor outputs.

To prevent this, you will need to select a desk or workbench that is stable enough to handle the weight of the printer as it works. This will contribute to the overall smoothness of the printing operation, so it is fundamental to get right.

The stable surface will allow the printer to produce high-quality models without any interruption. After all, if you have a stable foundation, your 3D printer results are far more likely to be of a higher quality!


Something else to think about when purchasing a desk or workbench for your 3D printer is the surface.

As mentioned above, one of the most basic needs for a 3D printer is that it has to be placed on a flat surface. This is to protect your 3D printer and to keep it working optimally for the best results. 

It might sound obvious to the seasoned 3D printer user, but to get the highest quality when printing, the surface of your workspace must be completely flat!

This important to mention as you will also need to take into consideration the floor where you set up your station, as this will also need to be completely flat in order for you to produce the best prints with your 3D printer.

Many tables and workstations might not be totally flat, and if the floor is uneven, then your printer will be, too.

Always make sure that you are happy with the surface of the desk or workbench before going ahead with your purchase.  

Weight capacity  

Another factor you’ll need to take into account when purchasing a table or workbench for your 3D printer is its weight capacity.

3D printers can be incredibly heavy depending on their size, so the table or workbench that you choose should have the capacity to hold the weight of the printer and then some to ensure the best result possible!   

You don’t want your workspace to buckle under the weight of your printer or your work supplies, so the weight capacity is incredibly important if you know you will need your work tools and possessions to be in close vicinity.   

Before purchasing one, check how much weight the table can handle. It’s going to cost you a lot further down the line if the table or workbench collapses and breaks with the printer on it!  


Something to consider when purchasing a table/desk and workbench for a 3D printer is durability. Although you might think this is largely down to trial and error, there are ways of finding out whether a product is built to last without actually buying it.  

A good indication of whether a product is durable or not is to check the product reviews section. If a customer has experienced a fault or doesn’t recommend the product, then they will likely tell you in the product reviews section.   

The product reviews section also reveals information on the company’s customer service. Accidents can happen that are out of the company’s control, but the way they rectify any problems their customers have reveals a lot about a brand.  

Always do your own research and make sure that you’re happy with the product reviews before heading to the checkout.  


Another important factor to consider is the dimensions of the table/desk or workbench that you purchase for your 3D printer.

Consider how much space you have to work with in your home, as you don’t want to be pushed for space. However, you also don’t want your desk to be cramped with your printer so you will also need to think about how big your 3D printer is and go from there.   

Buy a desk or workbench that can accommodate the printer you have along with some space to spare.

This will add to your desk’s versatility in case you decide to change up your work setup or alternatively buy a bigger printer further down the line, meaning that you won’t have to replace it. A wide table is always the safest bet if you have space for one!  

To avoid disappointment, always make sure that you measure the space in your house that you have available and also take the 3D printer’s dimensions into consideration when making your choice.  


Another factor to take into consideration when choosing a desk or workbench is adjustability. Adjustability can be extremely convenient, especially when it comes to working for long hours in the same position.

Not only will it be more comfortable to have an adjustable desk or workbench, but it will make your workspace that much more versatile. 

If you want a versatile workspace or if you know you don’t like to sit in the same position for hours on end, you can look for a table that can be adjusted to different heights while you are using it.

Desks that can be adapted into standing desks, for instance, are a great solution to this problem.

Having an adjustable desk will allow you to change its height to make your working life easier and can reduce health issues, such as blood pooling in your legs from sitting down for too long.  

Whichever workbench or desk you opt for, make sure that you are happy with its adjustable capabilities to make your life easier.  

Storage space  

When purchasing any kind of desk or workbench for your 3D printer, you should always take into consideration the storage space that it comes with.

This is largely down to personal preference, as the storage space won’t affect how effective the bench or desk will work when you’re 3D printing.

However, the convenience that storage space offers is not something you’re going to want to miss out on!

The storage space of a desk or workbench is what makes them so convenient, as they can hold all of your tools and equipment within an arm’s reach without you having to go anywhere!

This will also allow you to keep your workspace clean and organized at all times, to ensure the printing process isn’t being hindered by any tools or equipment left lying around on the surface!

A lot of workbenches and tables come with cabinets and extra drawers designed for storage space. These are particularly useful, as they allow you the space to keep all the extra filaments in the drawers provided.

As a result, you can keep your workspace organized and keep all of your printing essentials safe together in one place.

Always make sure that you are happy with the storage provided by the desk or workbench that you buy.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the best tables/desks & workbenches for 3D printing?  

The answer to this question is likely to change depending on your personal preferences and needs. However, there are a few main factors that you should look for when it comes to buying a workspace for your 3D printer.   

Namely, you’ll need it to be stable, as a weak desk or workbench can really hinder the quality of a 3D printer’s output. Any vibration or movement could be the end of your 3D model!  

You should also look for something that is completely flat, and make sure that the ground you place it on is also flat to ensure you get the best results.  

Lastly, you’ll need a desk or workbench that is durable and is able to withstand the weight of a 3D printer with ease!

Make sure that you do your own research and are happy with the product reviews before going ahead with your purchase.  

What are the benefits of 3D printing? 

If you’re new to the craze of 3D printing, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. There are multiple benefits to 3D printing, and they are an incredibly useful tool for many different sectors.   

For instance, 3D printing gives designers the ability to quickly turn concepts and ideas into 3D models or prototypes and implement quick design changes to their original concept.  

Furthermore, 3D printing also allows manufacturers to produce products on demand rather than in large runs, improving inventory management and reducing the amount of space required in warehouses to store stock.   

Lastly, 3D printing allows for the design and print of more complex designs than traditional manufacturing processes. 

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